Bright Lemon Bars

I love anything tart! Lemons. Limes. Granny Smith Apples. Grape fruit. Sour gummy candy. Just thinking about those made my mouth water! Tart on top of something sweet? Just like some Sour Patch Kids candy!


Apricot Oatmeal Bars

Its [half way into] the new year! 2012! That calls for a new recipe. And new resolutions. But my resolutions are the same year after year. So far I've been doing extremely well with my resolutions (some of them). Anyways, enough about me...how is YOUR new year coming along?


Spritz Cookies

Yes, I know its 2 days past Christmas but its still December. What better way to celebrate the Holidays then some yummy, buttery, flaky, crisp Spritz Cookies!


Peppermint Bark

...cool...crunch...sweet...candy cane...chocolate...= Peppermint Bark. It is an old fashioned chocolate confection treat. The sweetness of the chocolate and coolness/minty-ness of the candy canes makes the mouth tingle! Wrap it in a treat bag or pack it in a reusable tin can and it'll make a great holiday gift!

Peppermint bark only needs a few ingredients. Packets of chocolate and candy canes; dark chocolate with white chocolate on top and sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy/candy cane. Dark chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Your call.