Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

I'm a bookworm. I love to read. But not just any books. My favorite category is Romance. Historical romance. Contemporary romance. Suspense romance. I can't get enough of it. I happened to read a contemporary (semi)-romance novel called "Always the Baker, Never the Bride" that has a handful of cool recipes. In the novel the main character had a batch of cinnamon sugar cookies. It sounded so good and to my amazement, there was a recipe at the end of one chapter!
So I decided to bookmark it in my Kindle and make a batch of 'Emma's Famous Cinnamon Sugar Cookies.' No lie! That was what the cookies was called. I also did a search google search on cinnamon cookies and I found the exact recipe on AllRecipes.com. The only difference between the recipe in the book and allrecipes.com is the amount of cinnamon used.
I learned a few things from reading the reviews and from my own experience. The dough will be will sticky, do not add more flour even if it is tempting. I put the dough in the freezer for about 20 minutes so it could be easier to work with while shaping it into logs. Put it in the refrigerator overnight or for a couple of hours. I left it over night and 15 minutes before baking, I put the dough in the freezer.

It is best the half the sugar mixture. I still had a good amount of cinnamon sugar left after using it on the dough. You can roll the log in the cinnamon sugar or roll the dough into balls and then roll it in the cinnamon sugar. It is up to the baker. If you determine that you want to roll the log and slice it, it is recommended to use a thread to cut the slices. Using a knife will cause the dough for flatten a bit. Have a sweet tooth? After slicing the dough dip the top slice in the left over cinnamon sugar!
Cut with knife, dough flatten a tad bit
Don't want to slice it? No problem! You can roll the dough and then roll it in the cinnamon sugar. After placing the dough on an ungreased cookie sheet, flatten the dough slightly. The texture between the slices and balls will differ but not my much. The slice will be more chewy. The balls will be more soft, not as chewy, and the appearance looks a bit better. But they are both equally delicious!
Sliced with a thread
Rolled and flatten slightly
While preparing the ingredients I did not have enough brown sugar. It calls for 3/4 cups but I only had 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon. I had to improvised and added a little more regular white sugar. I was concerned that the cookies will not turn out right but to my relief it came out perfectly! I also decreased the baking time to 10 minutes because my cookies were smaller than what was recommended in the recipe. It is a fun and easy recipe to work with. It was gone in 2 days! This is a keeper in my book! And Kindle!

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  1. I've had these and they were magnificent! I will definitely test out your recipe in the future! Great!

  2. They taste great. This is the first time I would actually eat more than a couple of my baking. :)